Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Feet!

I adore fashion blogger, Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell. Her personal style is feminine with a little bit of sass and edge at the same time...Well, I loved these boots she bought from TopShop and to my surprise, they had my size online! I've been looking for a pair of Chelsea boots for awhile. These are even better because of the little heel height for that extra oomph! but not too much to be uncomfortable. These boots have been compared to be the much more expensive Acne Pistol Boots, but with 114 positive reviews and the lower price point, it sounds 100x better!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Windy City

Any bloggers out there from Chicago? Or anyone out there who has travelled there before?

I am heading to Chicago during the first week of May and would greatly appreciate advice on what to see, places to eat, and of course, where to shop!

Thank you lovelies!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chicago and San Francisco

I recently was chosen to attend the biggest Critical Care Nursing Conference of the Year, and it is going to be held in Chicago! I am so excited! Deep dish pizza, Oprah, and the Magnificent Mile (shopping!), here I come!

I also can't wait to stop off in San Fran on the way home...havent been back in SF since I graduated college in 2005! =)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Girls Day!

Little Japanese Girls excitedly look forward to their day, Hina Matsuri (Girls Day). On this special day, girls can have their own little party with no boys allowed! This observance on March 3rd is held by families in hopes that their little girls will grow up in good health.

I spent my Girl's Day doing what I love...refilling my eyelash extensions and shopping. I purchased three gorgeous pieces from one of my favorite boutiques, Dolce. I suckered myself into buying the Winter Kate Condor cardigan and the bali sweatshirt from Nation LTD. I also bought a sexy gold snake ring.

All pics are from

Monday, February 28, 2011

Night Owl

I've been working permanent night shifts at the hospital since January. Its great on one hand, because I get paid a differential...which ends up being about $300 more a month. Any extra income is much needed because I now have a mortgage to pay, graduate school to save for, a puppy to feed, and a costly addiction of eyelash extensions.

I kind of miss not having financial responsibilities...when I could go to all my favorite boutiques and purchase anything I wanted. No worries about being able to pay other bills on top of my shopping bill. (Sigh..)

I've been a really good girl about watching my budget. I have no credit card debt and am able to make an extra payment on my mortgage so it will be paid off in approximately 25 years instead of 30. I even applied for an on-call position at a local hospital to help me save more a little quicker.

To give myself a pat on the back, I made a few purchases in the past few weeks to include:

1) Mini Metal Mother of Pearl White Toy Watch ($150 on What a deal! I have 3 other toy watches and paid at least $275 for each!

Nordstrom sells the exact same watch for $250!

2) Pink Scalloped Shorts

I found these on Ebay, thanks to Lena from Quality Rivets. I've been looking for scalloped shorts for a long time and I couldn't pass up the price ($35) and the color (pink). Perfect combo of Girly-ness.

And this is one of the very reasons why I work so come home to my little baby, Mochi!